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Novin Pardazeshgaran


Novin Pardazeshgaran in 2007, after 3 years cooperating with Sayna holding, stared being independent but following Saynas framework aiming to develop the new method of management in different areas to provide customers by the modern way of management as well as bringing people ease and comfort in their life.

According to the achievements Novin Pardazeshgaran made in 2007 and 2008 and also by accomplishing several major projects could get hi market share of Iran’s intensive competitive market


Novin’s main mission is to help business to grow and also elevate the standards of customers’ lives through the latest methods of management and of course the progress made in technology.

Assuring the costumers of their relationship with the company by using the up to date methods, the latest innovation in the areas of IT and

According t wide variety of services offered Sayna, customers are from different level and also varied groups of people so we take it as our responsibility to satisfy all of them by leveraging R&D and CRM.

As the products and services are professional, the different section managers and staffs are also professional, so another responsibility of the company taken is not only to meet their needs, but to create a situation to let improve through different strategies.